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Look: The Life Of Ate Glow After Leaving Showbiz

Ate Glow Then And Now/ABS-CBN

Being in the industry of showbiz, one has a mark or a track of his/her footsteps. Everyone may lead to a growing showbiz career or lead a new life outside the hunt of the camera.

Ate Glow, Former  President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s impersonator is now known as Renee Hampshire.

Ate Glow Then And Now/ABS-CBN

The comedian and impersonator of the former president was famous due to his funny antics.

Ate Glow Then And Now/ABS-CBN

However, his career slowly drifted until completely disappeared from the realm of showbiz.

Without anyone's knowledge, a whole new better life is coming for Ate Glow, he went abroad and found his better half. Being a full pledged transgender woman. Definitely, Ate Glow’s stunning transformation has left everyone in awe.

Ate Glow Then And Now/ABS-CBN

The new beautiful look of Ate Glow now called Renee Hampshire has been moving around the world of social media and made some noise.

Ate Glow Then And Now/ABS-CBN

In an episode at Magandang Buhay, his partner expressed a very sweet message for her.

Mr. Hampshire has indicated,
“Hi Renee! What a wonderful 22 months we had together so far. It feels that we’ve known each other forever. It’s very fitting that I delivering this message to you from another country. After all, we’ve spent much more time together exploring new places. Been in the U.K., in Europe, or in the Philippines where most recently just last year, I visited Manila and we met some of your family. I even survived the high temperatures and the spicy foods. It’s a pleasure to call you my wife. I’m so very proud of you and I love you very much. We have a fantastic connection and have done since day one. We really embrace our similarities and differences and it makes us a very strong couple together. I look forward to seeing you very soon in London. Been waiting for you every day. Will see you here soon and as always darling, I love you today, I love you tomorrow, and I love you forever.”
Ate Glow Then And Now/ABS-CBN

It is great to know that despite of the background or past of a person, he/she is well loved and given the love he/she deserves. True love transcends gender.

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