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Beware: 8 Bad Side Effects Of Air Conditioning You Are Not Aware Of

Air-Con Bad Effects/CUREJOY

With the warmer temperature nowadays, people tend to reach out for the aircon remote and turn it on. However, using these air conditioners may impose a risk on your health with harmful effects you may not be aware of.

These are the possible risks you may encounter when usually exposed to air conditioners:

Air-Con Bad Effects/CUREJOY

1. Dehydration

Having an air conditioner inside the room, it sucks too much humidity and leaves your body dehydrated. Since the temperature is low, you feel cold and wouldn't want to drink that water.

2. Headaches And Migraine

Air-Con Bad Effects/CUREJOY

Anyone who's exposed to air conditioners is susceptible to having headaches and migraines since the indoor air quality drops. Since mentioned above that you are prone to dehydration, headache may also be a result of such.

3. Respiratory Problems

Problems may arise in the areas of the eyes, nose, and throat for those who are usually exposed to air conditioners. Usually, it would be a nasal blockage, a dry throat, or even rhinitis.

In a study, it was found out that 28% of those exposed in air-conditioned places experienced rhinitis than those who are exposed to naturally ventilated buildings. Furthermore, 35% of air-conditioner exposed people had nasal blockage than those who aren't.

4. Lethargy

Air-Con Bad Effects/CUREJOY

Studies show that people exposed to air-conditioners often complain about lethargy. Therefore, air-conditioning might be the cause for your unexplained laziness and sluggishness.

5. Dry And Itchy Skin

Excessive air conditioner exposure combined with sun exposure may bring itchy and dry skin. Upon leaving the building filled with air-conditioner, the skin feels dry and rough which isn't easy to get rid of.

6. Asthma And Allergies

Air-Con Bad Effects/CUREJOY

Exposure to air-conditioners could make allergies and asthma worse. Some may find it comfortable to stay inside an air-conditioned space to avoid harmful pollens or air pollutants but if the air-conditioner isn't well maintained and cleaned, you might be at risk for more triggers.

7. Dry Eye

Air-Con Bad Effects/CUREJOY

Air-conditioners wouldn't directly cause a dry eye but it won't help when having such. People having dry eye problems could feel as if their problem gets worse when exposed in air-conditioned spaces.
8. Infectious Diseases

Previously mentioned that air-conditioner exposure causes nasal blockages, the mucus is dried out. Therefore, the protective mucus can't be found and you are prone to virus attacks. As a matter of fact, there are harmful microbes that may cause complex diseases.
It is better to be in a naturally ventilated area and feel nature rushing through your body. Turn the aircon off and enjoy the natural air.

Source: Curejoy
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