Babala: Iwasan Ang 10 Pagkain Na To Na Madalas Kinakain Pero Nagdudulot Ng Seryosong Sakit - Fact News Philippines

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Babala: Iwasan Ang 10 Pagkain Na To Na Madalas Kinakain Pero Nagdudulot Ng Seryosong Sakit

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

How do we achieve a healthy lifestyle?

Check into your regular diet, there must be something that could impose health threats in the near future. Try to know whether the food you eat is indeed healthy and nutritious.

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

There are a lot of studies supporting claims of foods you must avoid; take a look at this list and compare it with your everyday food.

You may want to avoid these foods:

1. Canned Soups

These are usually considered 'healthy' but it contains 890mg of sodium. Intake of excessive sodium retains the water, increases blood sugar, and may cause stress. Also, it can possibly be a cause of heart attack.

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

2. Donuts

Entirely made out of sugar, white flour and containing high amounts of trans-fats. Aside from affecting the body's form, trans-fats also increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

3. Fast Food

The preparation for fast food items is not good since it is a 'fast food.' One of the unhealthiest food choice since it contains high amounts of sodium, processed meat, and saturated fats.

4. Milk

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

According to a famous nutritionist, Patrick Holford, the person's ability to digest lactose, a major component of milk, significantly reduces as we age. Wherein, milk often causes food intolerance, inflammation, bloating and acidic environment inside the body.

5. Margarine

It contains a lot of trans-fats which is difficult to digest. Furthermore, it increases cholesterol concentration which eventually damages the blood vessels. Consumption of artificial food builds too many toxins affecting the liver. Therefore, it must be avoided and choose natural or organic foods.

6. Potato Crisps

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

When exposed extremely high temperature, foods creates acrylamide. According to a professor at the Clark University, Dale Hattis, this substance causes of a lot of cancer cases in the U.S. Furthermore, potato crisps usually contains salt, which means that it contains high amounts of sodium.

As stated in the previous items, sodium causes hypertension and high cholesterol levels, both of which increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

7. Processed Meat

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

Has high amounts of nitrates and sodium, both harmful to our overall health. A study has found that there is a strong connection between the consumption of processed meats and the increased risk of colon cancer.

8. Sugar

Aside from being the major cause of obesity and diabetes, it is also linked with many health issues concerning the liver, pancreas, and the digestive system. Furthermore, frequent sugar intake has negative effects on the brain and disturbs the nervous system by 50%.

9. Soda

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

Containing high amounts of sugar and other chemicals harmful to the body, this should definitely be avoided. It reduces the level of supplements found inside the body. According to a study, 2 sodas consumed in a week doubles the possibility of having pancreatic cancer.

10. White Flour

Toxic Foods/Health Miracle

Has the same effect with sugar; affecting the pancreases, causes a disturbance in insulin levels and obesity. Without any nutrients, since the process of turning wheat to flour causes the loss of nutrients.

Try to tone down on your consumption of these foods and eventually getting rid of them from your regular diet. Live healthier and enjoy life.

Babala: Iwasan Ang 10 Pagkain Na To Na Madalas Kinakain Pero Nagdudulot Ng Seryosong Sakit Babala: Iwasan Ang 10 Pagkain Na To Na Madalas Kinakain Pero Nagdudulot Ng Seryosong Sakit Reviewed by Maria on Monday, March 04, 2019 Rating: 5

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