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Six Major Health Benefits Of "Saging Na Saba"

Six Major Health Benefits Of "Saging Na Saba"

According to the survey, people eat banane often each year that any other fresh fruits. No wonder because banana is easy to grab and be eaten especially when you are in a hurry. But aside from the convenience, we probably have the idea the numerous health benefits of bananas in our health. There are many kinds of banana and we will talk about the cardava bananas, saba banana, or in the Philippines, saging na saba.

It was proven that a cardava banana has the highest nutrient content among other banana fruit, according to Doctors of Ministry in Alternative Medicines or DMAM. While most people preferred to eat it cooked, DMAM explained that you will only get a minimum amount of nutrients because it already lost its value due to cooking.

Below are the numerous health benefits of eating cardava banana or saging na saba:

1. Promoting over all circulatory health system.

Cardava banana is rich in potassium that help regulates our body's circulatory sytem by delivering oxygen to the brain. It also helps maintain the normal heart rate and proper balance of water content in the body. It also reduces the risk of stroke and regulates blood pressure.

Cardava banana

2. Source of vitamins, minerals and natural energy.

If you easily get tired after an activity and feel like your draining your whole energy, just eat up 2 banana and it will restore your energy.

Cardava Banana

3. Stops constipation

Banana is a significant source of fiber and if you are always constipated, you certainly need banana to restore and decrease constipation problems without causing you a diarrhea.

Six Major Health Benefits Of "Saging Na Saba"

4. Eliminates hangover

If you always get a hangover after a long night of party, banana is a good source of vitamins that replenished the body and get rid of hangover.

Six Major Health Benefits Of "Saging Na Saba"

5. Helps you quit smoking

Banana has the power to help you quit smoking. It consists of B vitamins and other types of minerals that reduces the effect of nicotine both physical and psychological. It also has B6 that helps reduce menstrual pain and regulates the temperature of pregnant women.

Six Major Health Benefits Of "Saging Na Saba"

6. Treats ulcer

Eating banana will help you reduce stomach acidity, irritation from your digestive system and promotes intestinal health. Banana is a natural antacid that helps you quickly soothe the burn.

Six Major Health Benefits Of "Saging Na Saba"

Source: Health Miracle Pedia
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